Club By-laws

By-Laws of the Antigonish Golf & Country Club

By-Law 1                  The Club

The Club is incorporated by Chapter 125 of the Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1926, and shall be known as THE ANTIGONISH GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, hereafter referred to as The Club.

By-Law 2                  Interpretation                      

This Agreement and all its terms, conditions and provisions shall be interpreted and construed according to the law of the Province of Nova Scotia.

By-Law 3                  Objectives                           

3.01 The objectives of The Club are:

a.          The promotion and encouragement of the game of golf

b.          The establishment, maintenance, and conduction of a golf & country club for the accommodation of members and the general public, and

c.          Such functions, as the Board from time to time deems suitable.

By-Law 4                  General Manager               

The day-to-day operation of the club and the management and enforcement of these by-laws and any policies of the club shall be under the management of the General Manager of the Club.

By-Law 5                  Membership                        

5.01  The membership of The Club shall be in seven classifications, namely:

a.            Adult Single—Ordinary

b.            Adult Single—Out-of Town

c.            Adult Husband/Wife or Cohabiting Partners—Ordinary

d.            Adult Husband/Wife or Cohabiting Partners Out of Town

e.            Intermediate / Student

f.             Junior

5.02      Intermediate or student members are those between the ages of 19 to 30 or enrolled as a full time student at a University or College.

5.03      Junior members are those under the age of nineteen.

5.04      The Board, at its discretion, shall elect special members.  Such membership shall include Honorary Membership and Lifetime Membership.

5.05   The calendar date used for determining Junior and Intermediate   memberships shall be the members age as of April 1 of that calendar year.

By-Law 6                 Expulsion of Members                 

The Board shall have power, by vote of three-fourths of those present at any meeting of the Board, to expel or suspend from membership, for such time as the Board may decide, any member whose conduct on The Club’s premises, or elsewhere, shall be considered by the Board to be improper, unbecoming, or likely to endanger the welfare of The Club, or who has failed to pay dues or any indebtedness to The Club for which he is responsible, or who has violated or neglected to observe any By-Law, Rule or Regulation of The Club, or any Committees of The Club.

6.01       A member expelled or suspended under By-Law 5.01 shall be given the opportunity to be heard by the Board, if he should wish to appeal this decision.

6.02       If at any time within one month of the expulsion of a member a Special Meeting of The Club shall be requested by 20 members, in writing, addressed to the Secretary, such meeting shall be called forthwith, and an appeal thereat may be taken from the decision of the Board, and the member may be reinstated by an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the members there and then present.

By-Law 7                  Annual Dues                                   

7.01  Annual Dues and Green Fees shall be determined by the Board of The Club and presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting for approval.

7.02  Members shall not play before they have paid their annual dues in full or have made arrangements to enroll in a payment plan as approved by the board.  The board shall determine and make arrangements for a payment plan for annual dues from time to time.

7.03  A proportionate rebate may be refunded if members are forced to leave the area for employment. The same consideration shall be given for members who cannot play because of serious injury or illness. Each case will be judged individually on its own merit following the approved Policy of the Board.

By-Law 8                 Financial Year        

The Financial year of The Club shall begin on the first day of November and end on the last day of October in the succeeding year. 

By-Law 9                 Meetings and Order of Business

9.01  The Annual General Meeting of The Club shall be held on or before February 28 of each year.  At such time the Board will elect the Board for the ensuing year, appoint a firm of Chartered Accountants to perform a review engagement, approve the budget for the upcoming year, review and approve the review engagement report.

9.02  Special Meeting of The Club shall be called by the President either when a majority of the Board deems it necessary or on receipt by the Secretary of a requisition in writing and signed by at least fifteen (15) voting members, stating a detailed reason and explanation for the meeting   No other business can be added to the Agenda.

9.03  Notice of all General and Special Meetings of The Club shall be given to members at least one week before the date of the meeting, but any accidental omission to give notice to any member shall not invalidate any resolution passed at any meeting.

9.04  The Board shall make every effort to meet at least once a month.

9.05  At all General and Special meetings of The Club, fifteen (15) voting members shall constitute a quorum. All regular Board meetings will require at least 50% plus one of active Board members.  Bylaw 10.03 sets out when a Board member may be considered inactive.

9.06  All meetings of the Club shall be conducted pursuant to Roberts Rules of Order.

The President/ Secretary will send out an agenda at least forty- eight hours prior to all Regular Meetings

9.07   The Board shall decide the place and time of meetings

By-Law 10               Officers

10.01   The government and management of all matters connected with The Club shall be vested in a Board  which will be between eight and twelve members, to be elected each year at the Annual Meeting for a one year term. Members will be eligible for re-election.  The Board may fill any vacancy on the Board during the year and the Board may, from time to time, add to its numbers, as it deems advisable.

10.02    The Annual General Meeting  shall  elect  a President, Vice-President, Secretary ,Treasurer and the chairs of the standing committees.

10.03   Any board member who misses more then two consecutive meetings may be considered an inactive board member and may be expelled from the board by the board.

10.04   The day to day governance and operation of the Club, between Board meetings, shall be by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be comprised of but not limited to the President, Ladies President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. All actions of said committee shall be reported to the Board at the next scheduled Board Meeting for approval.

10.05   The Standing Committees of the Club shall be:

Match Committee – The Match Committee shall have the power to regulate and control all approved Club matches and competitions and to award prizes.  It shall determine and alter from time to time, the handicaps of members.  It shall select all Club teams.  It shall make, amend and enforce local rules, and interpret and apply the same as well as the Rules of Golf.  It shall also be responsible for the care and upkeep of trophies.  The Chairman of the Match Committee shall act as Captain of the Club.  He shall have charge of the Links during all competitions.  His/Her decision as to any questions arising during a Club match shall be final.

Bar/ House/Canteen Committee – The House Committee shall have general management of the clubhouse and its contents, exclusive of the Bar/canteen The Bar/Canteen Committee shall have charge of all canteen supplies, fix prices, and have control of all house employees.  It shall set the hours of business of the canteen.  It shall have the power to make such regulations, as it deems necessary to ensure the proper functioning of both its business and premises, subject to the approval of the Board.

Communication & Advertising Committee – The Communication & Advertising Committee shall have as its function establishing and advertising golf promotions and other club events as well as arranging for any advertising at the club or any advertising the club does.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee shall have as its function to promote an increase of membership, and to keep the membership roll.

Greens and Fairways Committee – The Greens and Fairways Committee shall have charge of the Links, and of all approved matters relating to the establishment, maintenance, improvement and extension of the course, and it shall have the power to decide whether the course or any part of it is in fit condition for use, and to permit or prohibit play thereon.  It shall have general charge of all club grounds, and control of all outdoor employees.

Junior Committee

Ladies Committee – The Ladies Committee shall have as its function to ensure that the point of view and concerns of the women members of the course is being considered and addressed by the board and the other standing committees of the board. The chair of the Ladies Committee shall be called the Ladies President.  In addition to the Ladies President, a member of the Ladies Committee shall also sit as a member of the board.

Executive Committee – The Executive shall have as its function the arrangement of terms under which the General Manager is hired, and the supervision of his activities relative to these terms.

The board may establish other such committees as it deems necessary or expedient.  The chair of each standing committee shall be a member of the Board.  Every attempt shall be made to ensure that every committee has a minimum of three members, and that the ladies division is represented on all standing committees.

10.06   The Committees of the Board shall meet at least once a month during the playing season.  The transactions of all Committees shall be reported to the Board at the first meeting thereafter

10.07   The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of The Club.  He shall be an ex-officio member of all Standing Committees.  In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform his/her duties.

10.08   The Secretary shall have the following duties:

a.            To keep a true record of all meetings of The Club and Board.

b.            To notify members of meetings of The Club.

c.    To preserve and keep on file all documents, records, reports and communications connected with the business of the Club, other than those, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Treasurer.

d.            To conduct all correspondence.

10.09   The Treasurer shall have the following duties:

a.            To collect all dues, assessments and fees.

b.           To pay all bills passed by the Board, keeping a correct account of the same in books provided for the purpose.

c.            To present, when required by the Board, a statement of the financial affairs of The Club.  He must submit his books and accounts to the auditors when and as they request the same.

10.10   The Treasurer shall have the power to appoint an assistant Treasurer and assign to him such duties as he sees fit.  Such appointments shall be subject to the approval of the Executive and shall not diminish the responsibility of the Treasurer in relationship to the financial affairs of The Club.  The assistant Treasurer need not be a member of the Executive and shall report directly to the treasurer.

10.11   The board shall name 5 signing officers, 4 of which shall be members of the executive committee.  All bills of exchange, cheques and orders of money on behalf of The Club by way of overdraft or otherwise, must be signed by two signing officers.

10.12   One or more qualified professional accountants to conduct and prepare a Review   Engagement Report shall be appointed by the Annual Meeting.  If this shall not have been done, through oversight or otherwise, the Board of Directors shall have the authority to appoint accountant(s).

By-Law 11     Rules of Golf                                  

The Rules of Golf as adopted from time to time by the Royal Canadian Golf Association shall govern the Playing of Golf on the course at the Club, except insofar as the same may be modified by local rules adopted by the Match Committee.

By-Law 12              General                    

12.01    The Club shall not be responsible for the loss of property of members or their guests, or for any damage or injury sustained by them or their property in or about the Club premises.

12.02      Children under the age of ten shall not be allowed on the course at any time unless accompanied by a parent.

12.03        All trophies awarded by the Club shall be subject to the approval of the Executive.

By-Law 13          Rights and Privileges of Members and Guests           

13.01        All members in good standing of the Club shall have all the rights and privileges of the Club except as specified in subsequent sections of By-Law 16.

13.02        Only fully paid Adult Members, Intermiediate Members and Student Members aged 18 and over (as defined herein at By-Law 3) shall be entitled to take part in the management of the Club, call a special meeting, to attend meetings, to vote on motions, to compete in the Club Championship.

13.03        Junior, members shall not be entitled to take part in the management of the Club, to attend meetings, or to vote on motions.  The hours of play of Junior members shall be enforced by the General Manager as directed by the Board.

13.04        Guests of the Club shall not be entitled to take part in the management of the Club, to attend meetings, to vote on motions or to introduce any person to the Club.

By-Law 14         Complaints                         

All complaints must be made in writing to the Secretary and be signed by the member registering the complaint.  The Secretary shall submit all complaints to the Board whose decision or action thereon shall be final. 

By-Law 15      Amendment of By-Laws  

These By-Laws may be amended, repealed, altered or added to, by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any Annual Meeting or at any Special Meeting called for that purpose.  Notice, in writing, of any change in these By-Laws to be proposed at any Annual General or Special Meeting must be left with the Secretary at least three weeks before such meeting.  The Secretary shall cause any such notice to be advertised at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

By-Law 16     Applicability of By-Laws 

These By-Laws having been passed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a duly called meeting of the Club on January 26, 2010, shall be deemed to repeal all previous Regulations and By-Laws of this Club.


NOTE:  The By-Laws are presented here as amended up to January 24, 2010.

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