Local Rules

Enjoy your game!

  • Register in the Pro Shop before beginning play
  • Proper golf etiquette should be observed at all times. Etiquette includes replacing divots, repairing ball marks on greens, and raking sand traps.
  • RCGA rules of golf apply
  • Appropriate attire is required at all times
  • 100 yard markers are red stones and marble posts on the right of the fairways
  • 150 yard markers are white posts with green tops off to the side of the fairways
  • 200 yard markers are blue stones
  • Pins at the front of the green are denoted by red flags
  • Pins in the middle of the green are denoted by white flags
  • Pins toward the back of the green are denoted by blue flags
  • Free lift in accordance with RCGA rules from cart paths and maintenance roadways
  • Allow faster players to play through
  • Golf cart traffic rules will be posted
  • Keep golf carts more than adequate distance from all greens, tee boxes and trees
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